Working to Protect those who are Most Vulnerable

GENEON2015One thing to keep in mind if you are involved in the cleaning or disinfecting of any space, is who will be using that space and who depends on it to be cleaned. Sure, in a perfect world, all germs would be eliminated from all areas with the click of a button and without any side effects from the cleaning method used. But that is not possible just yet, and ensuring that certain environments like schools, hospitals, groceries and restaurants   are as clean and safe as possible for their specific users is more important than ever.

It is no secret that sickness, asthma, and allergies are all on the rise these days, especially among children. There are many theories about why this increase is taking place but one idea is that it is related to the drastic increase in harsh chemicals that our children are exposed to everywhere they go. Whether it is from pesticides, cleaners, or other chemicals, harsh compounds are becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives.

These chemicals have directly been attributed to many instances of poisoning and in the US alone over a million children under the age of 5 are admitted to hospital due to poisoning from swallowing things like cleaners every year. In addition to this, the mere presence of harsh cleaning products and their artificial scents (Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs) have also been linked to various health problems such as skin conditions respiratory issues and even disrupted hormone levels.

When using GenEon’s products to clean an area however, these health risks are virtually eliminated. Our products are free of harsh chemicals and our solutions only remain activate during the actual cleaning process. This means that the germs are killed and no harmful chemical residue is left on any surfaces. With children around there is no risk of exposing them to anything harmful, even if the products were accidentally be ingested.

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