Trio Rx™

The Trio Rx™ will satisfy your institutional cleaning, disinfecting needs with a never before seen level of versatility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. This genuine innovation makes Broad Spectrum Disinfectant cleaning and disinfecting solutions – whenever it is needed, in a compact unit. Best of all, there is no need to organize and maneuver numerous chemicals around in order to effectively clean and disinfect your facility.

The solution produced by the TRIO Rx makes up to 2 liters / ½ gallon of EPA Registered Broad Spectrum Disinfectant and can be used to Clean and Disinfect hard non-porous surfaces and help to create healthier spaces in:

  • Commercial buildings routine cleaning and disinfecting of hard non-porous surfaces and floors
  • Daycares, Pre-Schools, Schools, universities, and other campus facilities routine daily cleaning and disinfecting of hard non-porous surfaces
  • Hotel, motel, casino and other hospitality housekeeping, vehicles
  • Cleaning high-touch areas and surfaces including door handles, tabletops, countertops, television, television remotes, chairs, headboards, sinks, etc.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting hospitals, dentist offices, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, medical clinics, ambulances, military facilities, medical
    offices, veterinary facilities, animal research facilities, cruise ships, farms, etc.
  • Restaurants non-porous non-food contact surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting areas in restrooms, toilets areas, sinks and sink areas, counters, exterior surfaces of urinals, floors, mirrors and other areas.

GenEon Technologies TRIO Rx On-Site Generating System is registered by U.S. EPA under U.S. EPA Reg. No. 91112-2

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"I am the custodial manager of Central ISD in Pollok Texas. I purchased the Gen Eon system from Winder’s in November of 2017. We have been using the system to disinfect our buildings and buses. With the flu season here,...

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Why Trio Rx™

  • EPA Registered Broad Spectrum Disinfectant under U.S. EPA Reg. No. 91112-2
  • Approved under EU’s EN1276 Disinfecting Standards
  • Portable Table-Top
  • Makes up to 2 liters (½ gallon) of solution at a time
  • Truly sustainable solutions
  • Reduces cost
  • Increases safety for staff and guests
  • Powerful Disinfecting Solutions effectively destroys harmful bacteria
  • Low to NO VOC
  • Eliminates need for storing large amounts of chemicals
  • No rinsing necessary

Where is it used?

GenEon’s Trio Rx can support a wide variety of industries including:

Schools and Universities Facilities, Daycares, Janitorial, Environmental Service, Veterinary, Food Service, Medical/Healthcare, Commercial Food Production, Dairy Production, Hospitality/Lodging/Cruise Ships, and many more.

The solution generated by the Trio Rx and GenEon’s Electrolyte is registered as a broad spectrum disinfectant by the U.S. EPA.
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High-touch areas and surfaces including door handles, tables, table tops, countertops, television remotes, chairs, headboards, bathrooms, sinks, exterior of urinals, walls, emergency rooms, wheelchairs, toys, playpens, keyboards, IV poles, stretchers, wash basins, water fountains, diaper changing tables, etc.