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OSG Cleaning Sanitizing And Disinfecting Products

At GenEon Technology we have a passion and vision for creating ground breaking green cleaning products that meet the wide variety of cleaning and sanitation needs demanded by our organization and customers. Whether you need sanitation products to clean, to eliminate bacteria and other harmful pathogens and create a healthier environment, GenEon Technologies has your solution.

Our patented eco-friendly products and technologies create cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers and disinfectants for use in medical facilities, food establishments and plants, schools, and business offices. In fact anywhere where green cleaning and sanitizing is needed, GenEon Technology delivers the solutions that meet and exceed health and safety standards that commercial and professional operations require in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How GenEon Sanitizing and Disinfecting Solution Kills Germs

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"Truett’s Luau of Chick-fil-A has indicated that they use 6 traditional Rubbermaid mop buckets of floor cleaners each day. These buckets contain only a minute amount of cleaner and the rest is water. At holding 11 gallons per bucket, the...

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